Zoning Information

Use the zoom tool to find property location and determine school zone. For questions, please call 501-847-5600.

The Bryant School District has seven elementary schools (PreK-5th grade) and is divided into attendance zones. Registration for each school is dependent upon the resident’s home address. The Pre-K program is housed at Bryant Elementary.

Students entering middle schools (6-8th grades) are also zoned by home address. Those living north of Interstate 30 attend Bethel Middle School. Those living south of Interstate 30 attend Bryant Middle School.

All students in grades 9-12 attend Bryant High School.


In order to meet ratio standards, it is the practice of the Bryant School District to transfer students to another campus when grade sections are full at a zoned campus. Overflow students are transferred to Bryant Elementary or Bryant Middle School.

Please note: The map shown on the Bryant Public Schools website is for reference only.

Current or new residents should contact the County Real Estate Office at (501) 303-5624 or www.arcountydata.com with questions regarding their zoned school district.

Fo help in determining the elementary school zoned for your residence, contact Bryant’s Transportation Department at (501) 847-5150 or one of the schools listed below.